Pyrexx Heat and Smoke Alarms | Inter-Linked | Wi-Fi | Wireless | Available Now!

Pyrexx smoke alarms feature the very latest technology with outstanding design from Germany. A smoke alarm should offer reliability, functionality and the ability to fit into our modern day living. Pyrexx have created a range of smoke alarms that do just that, whether you are looking for a single sited alarm that is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance or a more comprehensive radio linked solution that allows you to monitor your system wherever you are, Pyrexx have the answer. For help or further information regarding Pyrexx smoke alarms please call: 0844 800 0841

Pyrexx PX-1 Long Life Battery Smoke Alarms

Pyrexx PX-1 Designer Smoke Alarms

Pyrexx PX-1C Wifi Radio linked Smoke Alarms

Pyrexx Smoke Alarm Accessories

Pyrexx Smoke Alarm Special Offers

Pyrexx Quality Promise

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