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Modern Technology in Smoke Alarms

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Modern Technology in Smoke Alarms

The electronics in the PX-1 smoke alarm combines the traditional optical smoke detection with a modern analysis of temperature changes within the monitoring radius of the smoke alarm. Both sensor values are constantly recorded and analysed by a processor developed especially for the PX-1 smoke alarm. Due to this double safety mechanism an alarm is only triggered when there are tangible signs of a fire.

Modular Design

The modular design of the device makes it possible to separate the PX-1 smoke alarm into housing and electronics without any problem. Should just the casing become damaged, our service team can restore the smoke alarm back to its original condition in a very economical and environmentally-friendly way.


Due to the modern MGP system the PX-1 smoke alarm can be simply and quickly installed without the need for drilling or other time-consuming installation work. Conventional mounting of the device with the aid of drilling is possible and this does not bring any disadvantages for the maintenance of the device.

Further Information

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The PX-1 conforms to the Europe-wide standard DIN EN 14604 and is certified by renowned test institutes such as TÜV/Kriwan.

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  • Made In Germany

  • 12 Year Battery Life (Lithium)

  • Bi-Sensor Processor Technology (Smoke + Heat)

  • Maximum Real Alarm Precision

  • Suitable for all Kitchens

  • 88 dB Alarm Signal at a Distance of 3 m

  • 20 – 40m² Detection Range (Depending on the Circumstances in the Building)

  • Timeless Design

  • Large, User-friendly Test/Stop Button (78 cm2)

  • Closed System (Removal of the Battery not Possible)

  • Processor Technology / Intelligent Software Analysis of the Sensor Measurements

  • Indoor Climate Warning Signal (revolving, interactive, can be deactivated)

  • Event Data Recorder with Time Stamp and Export Function

  • Serial Number in Device's Recorder

  • Cyclical Genuine Self-Test Function

  • Help Signal in the Event of a Negative Self-Test (e.g. Energy Reserve Interrupted or Contaminated Sensors)

  • Update Option

  • SMD Technology

  • Particularly environmentally friendly

  • CE EN 14604, ROHS, TüV

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

  • Made in Germany MGP Installation System (Convenient Adhesive Gel Pad System)

  • MSS Installation System (Easy Installation with the Aid of Drilling)

  • 10 cm Diameter, 3,8 cm High