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Due to our experience as a service provider and manufacturer, we have implemented and developed a completely new Generation of high-quality smoke detection systems. Each smoke alarm device manufactured by Pyrexx Technologies meets the requirements of the German TUV and KRIWAN quality matrix as well as the product standards CE EN 14604 and the Q-Label.

DIN EN 14604

DIN 14676 weiss

Manufacturing standard

DIN EN 14604 is a manufacturing standard which applies to companies which manufacture smoke detectors and then sell it on the EU market. The Pyrexx smoke detectors with the MGP installation technique fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 14604.

Although DIN EN 14604 defines, for example, the colour of the warning lights, assuming the manufacturer decides to fit their product which such a feature, it does not in any specific way define they type of fixing for a smoke detector. This standard does not set down particular screws and screw plugs as the means of fixing, but very generally uses the term “means of fixing”. This is also the correct approach, as the choice of fixing for a smoke detector is ultimately dependent upon the type of surface where the detector is to be installed. As part of the standard's impact test, the smoke detector must remain affixed in its installation location when the body of the device is hit from the side with a pre-defined force. Although this impact test cannot replicate the actual diversity of different installation locations and also does not define a particular means of fixing. Pyrexx GmbH has had the MGP installation method tested by TüV using the impact test contained in DIN EN 14604 for resistance to this defined lateral impact test. The MGP fixing technique passed the test with ease.

DIN 14676

DIN 14676 grau

Application standard

DIN 14676 is an application standard and for the operator it governs what types of detector are to be installed and where, and in what way the maintenance of the devices is to take place. In terms of quality, the maintenance service at Pyrexx GmbH exceeds the requirements of DIN 14676 by a long way. DIN 14676 should be viewed as an instrument which documents the best available technology for the user in regard to the installation location and the maintenance operations. At the centre of DIN 14676 is obligatory annual visual inspection. Currently, no remote maintenance inspections conform to DIN standards.