About Pyrexx

Mission Statement: "To provide operationally Ready Smoke Detectors in Every Home"


Operationally ready smoke detectors in every home – just like a seat belt in every car.

Pyexx's aims have been clearly defined. They want to supply as many households with smoke detectors which can be relied upon for their operational readiness, in order to bring about a sustainable reduction in the damage suffered by fires in the home.

Preventive equipment

Their wish that insurance companies would reward the preventative equipping of private homes with smoke detectors as has long been the norm with car insurance for similar preventative measures.

A high level of quality

Pyrexx are continually building on its high level of quality in order to maintain socially acceptable prices, to find even better, ecologically responsible technologies and to create jobs that are as safe as our devices and as reliable as our services.

Help and advice

We are gladly available to offer help and advice on all questions regarding the topic of smoke detectors and preventing loss and damage.


Pyrexx enterprises are a service provider for the housing industry, manufacturer of smoke alarms and a developer of state-of-the-art software. Pyrexx offers the best value for money with the highest levels of service and security in Germany and in Europe.

From Smoke Alarms...

Pyrexx are known for providing high quality smoke alarms (PX-1) and for its efficient mounting and maintenance of these alarms, in particular socially responsible conditions and a seemless level of service with an extremely high level of adherance to schedules and maximum approval by end customers. We meet the highest standards – EN 14604 and DIN 14676.