Highly Developed Smoke Alarms with a 12 Year Life

Pyrexx was the first service sector company in Germany to specialise in the maintenance of smoke alarms. We have therefore been able to gain many years of experience in regard to the advantages and disadvantages of all smoke alarms available on the market.

Developed Based on our Experience

We have used this experience in the past few years to develop the PX-1 smoke alarm. It is an innovative product which is not just another smoke alarm among all the rest, but a real technological innovation.

The PX-1 smoke alarm combines highly developed electronics with innovative functions, a small sized casing, absolute reliability and a timeless design. The production methods with which our smoke alarms are produced reflect the particular economically, ecologically and socially responsible approach of our company.

A life of 12 years

The PX-1 smoke alarm is a product which lives up to what it promises: a life of 12 years is therefore a matter of course for a modern smoke alarm. One advantage of the PX-1 smoke alarm is the long maintenance-free life of the device. A lithium battery is soldered into the electronics and supplies the smoke alarm with the energy it needs for at least 12 years. The ecological and economic advantages of this design are self-evident.

A World First: A Smoke Alarm with Camouflage Mode

The design of the PX-1 does not have any visible controls such as test probes or LEDs. No matter which angle you look at the smoke alarm, there is no visible interruption of the contouring.

Form and Content

A particular challenge for our constructors was to be able to perfectly match the function with the design of the device. As a result the PX-1 smoke alarm has a particularly user-friendly test/stop button. The entire lower casing cover is equipped with the most up-to-date sensor technology. It is as if the smoke alarm “feels” when a test alarm is set off or the alarm mode is deactivated by touching the surface.

Timeless and Individual

The smoke alarm PX-1 is timelessly modern and at the same time highly adaptable. The lower cover of the device can be removed and can therefore be individually decorated. The PX-1 is therefore the first smoke alarm in the world which can be harmoniously integrated into any space. With this new approach we have listened to the suggestions of our customers who particularly wanted this feature. Through this “camouflage mode” the PX-1 smoke alarm can precisely meet individual requirements - no matter if the customer wants to decorate it with wall paper, paint or with artistic motifs.


The Smoke Alarm Test Button

Intensive studies on usage behaviour of smoke alarm customers have lead us to fit the PX-1 smoke alarm with the largest test button that there has ever been on a smoke alarm. In order to test the operational readiness of the device and that it is in good working order, DIN EN 14676 stipulates that the test button should be regularly pressed. As this leads to difficulties with comparable products on the market because the test button can only be reached with difficultly, Pyrexx technologies has developed a test button which covers the entire lower surface of the smoke alarm. This innovation makes things a lot easier, in particular for older customers.

Express On Cover

Every home is different! So that every customer is able to design their own personal PX-1 smoke alarm, Pyrexx technologies has developed the camouflage mode. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer the opportunity to match the smoke alarm to its surroundings. Each smoke alarm is supplied with a detachable underside which can be decorated as you wish. This allows the customer to perfectly match the smoke alarm to is surroundings or to create a feature.

Event Memory

The PX-1 smoke alarm has a particularly senior-friendly test button. Using this button, an authentic test alarm can be triggered to test that the smoke alarm is in working order at any time. The signal generator in alarm mode can also be simply and safely deactivated in the same way. The integrated smoke alarm's event recorder serves as a read-out for the device's regular self-test reports as well as safeguarding the smoke and temperature data in alarm mode.

Modern Technology in Smoke Alarms

The electronics in the PX-1 smoke alarm combine the traditional optical smoke detection with a modern analysis of temperature changes within the monitoring radius of the smoke alarm. Both sensor values are constantly recorded and analysed by a processor developed especially for the PX-1 smoke alarm. Due to this double safety mechanism an alarm is only triggered when there are tangible signs of a fire.

Modular Design

The modular design of the device makes it possible to separate the PX-1 smoke alarm into housing and electronics without any problem. Should just the casing become damaged, our service employees can restore the smoke alarm back to its original condition in a very economical and environmentally-friendly way.


Due to the modern Magnetic Gel Pad system the PX-1 smoke alarm can be simply and quickly installed without the need for drilling or other time-consuming installation work. Conventional mounting of the device with the aid of drilling is also possible. This does not bring any disadvantages for the maintenance of the device.

And of course the PX-1 conforms to the Europe-wide standard DIN EN 14604 and is certified by renowned test institutes such as TÜV/Kriwan.